Mission Statement

The work of the Mission is based on service to God through
giving to people in response
to the leadership of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Beginning with the household of faith, the members of the Mission:
1) unify as sisters known by their love,
2) study God's Word together to articulate God's love, and
3) educate God's love by addressing needs of the congregation
through prayer, companionship and providence.
Outside of the household of faith, Missionaries witness
by assisting those in need, evangelism and activism.


Sis. Julius Magee

Mission President

Sis. Taylor Bains

First Vice President

Sis. Valerie Gray

Recording Secretary

Sis. Denise Ramsey


Rev. Arnetta Carpenter

Corresponding Secretary

Sis. Eva Williams


Sis. Carolyn Jordan-Daniels





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