Deacon Ministry

The Deacon Mission of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is to assist the Pastor by conducting the care and benevolent work of the church, visit the sick and shut-in, minister to the spiritual needs of the church and community, and promote unity within the church. The Deacon Ministry also serves communion and assists the pastor with baptism. A Deacon is the husband (widower) of a Deaconess who con-jointly work(ed) in the ministry of the church.


Anthony Bell   Walter Kennedy
Frank Bell   Barrington Lewis
William Carper   Michael Lexion
Charles Carter (Emeritus)   Bobby Magby I
Ronnie Carter   Bobby Magby II
David Clark   Jermaine Magee
Michael Collins   Otis McGlothen
Edward Corley   Floyd McIver
Lionel Duncan   David Moore
John Fielder   James Moore
Robert Flipping   Harvey Poole
Michael Gill   Joseph Sharp
Robert Hall   Kenneth Smith
Robert Hampton   Dannie Tisdale
Rodney Harris   Clarence Tropez
Dewayne Hogan   Ladell Wade
Alfred Jenkins (Emeritus)   Eric Williams
Thomas Jones   Larry Williams
Samuel Jordan   Wade Young

~Acts 6:1-3   ". . . becuase their widows were neglected in the daily ministration. . . ."