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Event Time Location
New Member Orientation Class Following 7:00 AM Service (Except 5th Sundays) Library
Sunday School 8:45 AM Classrooms
Children's Church During 10:00 AM Services Fellowship Hall
Singles Ministry (1st) 11:30 AM Room 6
New Member Fellowship 1st Sunday Quarterly Fellowship Hall
Drama Ministry (4th) 11:30 AM Room 6
Infant Dedication 3rd Sunday 10:00 AM Sanctuary
Baptism 4th Sunday 10:00 AM Sanctuary
Priscilla Circle (Minister's Wives)

4th Sunday 8:30 AM

Conference Room
Lydia Circle (2nd ) following 10:00 AM Service Conference Room
Event Time Location
Sunday School Teachers Workshop 6:00 PM Chapel
Nurses (2nd) 6:00 PM Room 4
Scholarship Ministry (1st) 7:00 PM Room 4
Sr. Ushers Meeting (1st & 4th) 7:00 PM (1st)Sanctuary (4th)Library
Trustees (3rd) 7:00 PM Conference Room
Event Time Location
Joint Board Meeting (Quarterly) 7:00 PM Conference Room
Inspirational Choir 7:00 PM


Naomi Circle (1st & 3rd) 2:00 PM Library
Auxiliary Heads Meeting

(1st Wed. after 1st Sunday ) 7:30 PM

Conference Room
Ruth Circle (1st & 3rd) 2:00 PM

Room 4

Male Chorus Rehearsal 7:00 PM Music Room
Eula B. Wheeler Circle (1st & 3rd) 7:00 PM Library
Board Of Christian Ed. Ministry (Quarterly) 6:30 PM Room 4
Brownies (2nd & 4th) 6:30 PM Hernandez House
Event Time Location
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study 12:00 (Noon) 12 noon Fellowship Hall
Youth Ministry (2nd & 4th) 6:00 PM Family Life Center, Rm.29
Business Meeting (Quarterly) 7:30 PM Sanctuary
Event Time Location
In Home Fellowship Ministry 1:30 PM Room 4
Hospitality (2nd) 6:00 PM Library
Cub Scouts & Boy Scout 6:00 PM Hernandez House
Boy Scout Committee (4th) 6:00 PM Conference Room
Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal 7:00 PM Music Room
Celestial Choir Rehearsal 7:00 PM Sanctuary
Deacons/Deaconess Ministry Meeting (Before 1st Sunday) 7:00 PM Family Life Center
Mass Choir Rehearsal (Before 1st Sunday) 7:00 PM Sanctuary
Event Time Location
Church Decorating Ministry (2nd) 2:00 PM Sanctuary
Ella Johnson Circle (3rd) 2:00 PM Room 4
Singles Bible Study (2nd & 4th) 7:00 PM Room 4
Friends Fellowship Group (2nd) 7:00 PM Various
Event Time Location
Junior Ushers (2nd Saturday before 3rd Sunday) 9:00 AM Sanctuary
Jr. Laymen and Laymen (2nd & 4th) 8:00 AM Fellowship Hall
Prison Ministry Meeting (2nd) 8:00 AM Library
Queen Esther Circle (1st & 3rd) 9:00 AM Room 6
Jr. Mission (1st & 4th) 9:00 AM Room 6
Mary Magdalene Circle (2nd & 4th) 9:00 AM Room 4
Children's Choir (Before 2nd Sunday) 10:00 AM Sanctuary
Nursery & Childrens Ministry (3rd) 10:00 AM Library
Mission General Body Meeting (3rd) 9:30 AM (Quarterly) Fellowship Hall
Eunice Circle (3rd) 10:00 AM Room 5
Tape Ministry (2nd) 10:30 AM Various
Mothers Board Meeting (2nd) 11:00 AM Room 4
Junior Girls Scouts (1st & 3rd) 10:30 AM Hernandez House
Evangelism Ministry (4th) 5:00 PM Brown House