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New Hope Missionary Baptist

1575 W. 17th Street
San Bernardino, CA   92411
t. 9098872526

Our Objectives at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is...

  1. To be a spirit-filled fellowship of maturing Christians whose learning results in responsible living and being a witness for Christ in the community and the world
  2. To provide the means for every member to grow and develop as a Christian through Christian Education
  3. To be a worship and service oriented fellowship through which God reaches out to people and people reach out to God
  4. To involve the community in the life of the church and the church in the life of the community
  5. To nurture family faith in God and assist in discovering the family as a source of joy, strength, and healing
  6. To evangelize through the church membership
  7. To recruit, train, and motivate teachers
  8. To encourage greater commitment to Bible study and prayer on all levels
  9. To exhort and encourage the membership to present their lives, both publicly and privately, aws a living sacrifice
  10. To develop and implement a vehicle by which to evaluate progress in spiritual gifts and growth through teaching doctrinal principles to all members