Wednesdays in the Word  (Zoom Meetings)
April 22, 2020     .     12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

"Bringing the Message and Mission of Christ Into Sharper Focus"
Bible Study 
Wednesdays at Noon


Bible study will be held online every Wednesday at noon untill further notice. Please contact us via email or phone to register in  the zoom sessions. 

You can register via the church email (info@newhopembc.org). Leave your Email and Cell #. We will reply by Email and text message on how to access the meeting

Members who cannot connect to Zoom, call the "Dial in Speaker Number" to access Auditory Bible Study at: (701)-802-5139 ; Access Code: 1481745#

. If you only have a land line, you can call the Church Office (909-887-2526), leave a message with your name and phone number, or speak with Rev. Arnetta Carpenter. We will reply with a phone call, if necessary, to give you the information you need to connect to the meeting.

For questions or additional information  please call the Church office: 909-887-2526

Watch the tutorial on how to access zoom meetings